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Things have been kind of interesting here at the cabin lately. Let me tell you the latest...

A couple of days ago we learned about HR875, "Food Safety Moderization Act 2009". Before you smack your forehead & exclaim "She's at it again!", bear with me just a little longer. Honey & I discussed this House bill and decided that people needed to be aware of the potential damage it will create if allowed to become law. Honey wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper in the area. (Most newspapers today allow email letters to the editor.) In this letter it simply stated some of the minor details of the bill, encouraged folks to look into it, and contact our local Representative, (Vermont's really small, we only have 1). The next morning, he got a call from a reporter at Channel 5 News; she wants to do an interview with him. Apparently, as we expected, no one has even heard of this bill and alot of folks here in the state will be devastated by the fallout. By that afternoon, he gets another call ~ this time from Representative Peter Welch's aide. Peter Welch is our Representative and he is on one of the committees that is looking at HR875 now. Honey is supposed to talk with both on Monday morning.

Granted, we live in the 2ed smallest state in the Union; but, one voice can be heard. Our prayer is that his "one voice" will reach enough people willing to 'do something'.

Now, page 2. I've talked in the past about starting a separate site for news & commentaries. Well, it's done. It's called Just Looking Around, and it is in essence page 2 of Mountain Home. It's for folks who might be interested in what's going on in the world. I started it off with this HR875 legislation. This particular information is really long and names names. As time goes on, I am hoping to include all kinds of news & links. Warning: This site is full of biased commentaries. I believe that the Bible is God's magnifying glass and we need to view all things through that glass. I try to be very careful not to speak in ignorance ~ but, I'm human.

After my afternoon at the computer, my fingers are about ready to call it a day. I hope you like the new addition, and I really do want to encourage everyone to speak up on this matter before it's too late. We have lost so many freedoms due to apathy. Please, let's not loose one more.

May the Lord bless you.

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