Today is Mother's Day. As a mom, I look forward to hearing from the kids and have fun as they remember back to the good & sometimes not so good times that we've had together. Often, Mother's Day is a walk down memory lane. Take a walk with me down memory lane for a few moments ...

I remember my very first Mother's Day. My first-born son was only a few weeks old and my own mother made me feel like such a queen as she celebrated me. I was only 19 at the time. I have learned so much about God's love by being a parent; and I have learned so much about being a woman of God from my Mama. When going through situations where I didn't know what to do, I would often ask myself 'how would Mama handle this?'. Knowing Mama's outspoken ways, sometimes I would start laughing because I 'know' how Mama would have handled it. We've often agreed that I inherited my foot-in-mouth disease from her.

Back in the days where long distance phone calls were so expensive, I would budget how much time I could afford on calls each month and then I would call Mama. Between her one call to me and my one call to her, we would get alot of 'visiting' done each month. I needed that time; because in those conversations, she would teach me about the everyday things of life, she would sooth my hurts, and correct my misguided thinking on occassion. Most of all, we would laugh. Together we learned that life was too short to be taken too seriously. We laughed at ourselves and shamefully at others. (We would then agree that we should stop being ugly and happily move on to the next topic.) Over the years my Mama has been mentor, my hero, and my best friend.

The one thing that stand out above all others when I think about Mama is her prayers. When Mama prays, God listens. I have learned to pray for my own children by watching Mama pray. God truely does hear the prayers of Mamas.

There is a sweet devotional about Moms on Sojourner2heaven today by a dear friend. Please find a few minutes to stop by.

Mama, I love you so much. You have always been by biggest, and sometimes only, fan. You have been my sounding board when no one else wanted to listen. And you have been my dearest friend in good days and bad. May the Lord bless you abundantly throughout the days of your life. Many times my prayer to the Father has been that when all the saints get to heaven, could He please put my mansion close by to yours, so we can sit out on the front porch and 'visit'.

Happy Mother's Day everyone! May the Lord bless you on the glorious Lord's day.

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