The Sound of Morning

Saturday morning, my one chance to sleep past 4:30 and the cat must have forgotten to look at the calendar. She was up. She wanted to go outside. I wasn’t. She was determined to remedy that. I have come to the conclusion that cats are more effective than alarm clocks. Cats don’t have snooze buttons, at least not if you can’t reach them. DeAga is a smart cat, she stayed just outside my reach as she called in her loud impatient voice. It wasn’t the desperate cry of a cat needing the outdoor facilities; it was more like the greasy-spoon voice of annoyance because I was off the schedule. I was muttering to her as I stumbled to the back door, fully intending to go right back to bed; that was until I opened the door and heard the sound of morning.

Despite the tremendous beauty of the mountains, I have never really liked it here in the northeast, at least not after I discovered the winters. The thoughts of all the negative aspects fade at daybreak in the summer. Being on the west side of the mountain, we don’t get to see the sun until after noon; but it starts getting light between 4:00-5:30 in the summer. In the early morning mist you can hear what sounds like hundreds of birds. Each with it’s own unique signature. There are some that sing quietly, others have a strong clear tone. The forest that surrounds the meadow is the hiding place for the multitudes. Yet in the inability to see the tiny musicians, I was better able to focus on the overwhelming harmony.

Today I sat on the porch, closed my eyes, and heard the beautifully orchestrated praise to the Almighty God ~ the Creator of such wonder, beauty, and music.

Have a great day & May the Lord bless you.

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