Not a whole lot new going on here at the cabin lately. It’s been kind of wet and cold these past few days. The sun is trying to break through and the humidity is beginning to warm the air; but the storm clouds are still just over the horizon. This has been a good time for me to work indoors. I’m going through what is turning out to be my yearly weeding out. It seems that I just finished getting rid of last year’s stuff, and now I’m starting all over again. Clutter has a way of weighing a person down. I've noticed that the clutter around me is evidence of clutter in me. That probably doesn't make much sense to many. But when my thoughts and emotions are filled with clutter, it shows itself in my surrounds. So as I go through the 'stuff' around here, I try to use that busy time to go through the 'stuff' inside me - this is when God and I have our best talks.

Since the last of the kids moved out a year ago, I’ve been messing with the room downstairs, trying to turn it into a workroom for me. It’s been a slow process; but this weekend, we’re going to be moving the last of my stuff down there and it will be official ~ a room of my own! Getting my desk & related ‘stuff’ in one place and out of the living room will be so nice. My desk is organized chaos at best. No matter how hard I try, I can’t help but live by the old saying – a clean desk is a sign of absolutely no work being done.

Speaking of no work being done, it’s time to gather up my next armload and head back downstairs. Break time is over. Have a great weekend, and may the Lord bless you.

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