Friday Night Date

Honey's Dad will be here in a little while to help us with my big move downstairs. But I wanted to tell you about our big "date" last night. After a couple of weeks of work & monotony, a date night was more than welcome. We took a drive over to Middlebury. By the map it's only about 50 miles; but by the mountainous roads, it takes about two hours to get there. It was a beautiful drive over. The little two lane roads wound up, down, and around some pretty amazing curves. In some spots, the view was absolutely breathtaking. I was kicking myself the whole way over for not taking my camera along.

Right before we got into Middlebury, we saw several cars stopped on both sides of the road by a farm with a big open pasture. That's usually a really good indicator that there is a moose in the area. Seeing one of those great big critters is a rare treat for even the locals. When a moose is spotted everyone usually slows way down to take a good look, (That's the local folks version of stopping to smell the roses). The young moose was standing out in the pasture grazing. Honey said the young cow was probably about a year or so old, and for such a young thing - she was HUGE! If I could stand her next to our full-size pickup, she would almost be as long and could easily look over the top without straining too hard. As everyone watched, she would occasionally look back over her shoulder, completely unconcerned with our curiosity or attention.

That's part of what makes moose so dangerous around here. The don't care to be around people, but they aren't scared of cars. When people hear of an accident where moose are involved, the first thing they ask is 'did anyone survive?'. Folks just have to drive slow and be watchful on the back roads up here. Thus the reason it takes 2 hours to drive 50 miles. Seeing the little cow moose was a wonderful treat last night. I'm still kicking myself for not taking my cameras along.

Honey spotted a little K&W Drive-In on the way into town. In the nine years that I've lived here, that was the first drive-in I've seen around these parts. The atmosphere was like an old-timey Friday night in a small town. You could tell it was a popular local hangout. There was Classic Country playing on the speakers and the car hops buzzing around the parking lot. There was even a classic Mustang parked along the side that Honey & I sighed over. The food was good, (almost as good as Sonic), and the girls were so friendly. We had such a good time just relaxing and chatting. That kind of date almost makes you feel like a teenager again. We didn't get home until really late last night. After getting up at 4:30 yesterday morning, we were feeling our age by the time we got back; but what a wonderful evening!

Well, it's time to get the day going. Ya'll have a great day and don't forget to stop for a few moments and enjoy the amazing beauty that God has blessed you with. It may be a sunset or a little robin in a nest. God's wonders are everywhere.

May the Lord bless you.

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