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It’s raining again, and just warm enough not to need a sweatshirt today. Rain is always appreciated, but we could use a little global warming to go with it. I hear that West Texas is getting all the heat they can stand. A few days ago they were setting national records for heat. I’ve been gone from there so long now that I’m having a hard time remembering how good A/C and a glass of ice tea are on a scorching hot day. Summer here is usually colder than their winters. As I sit here all bundled up, I just keep thinking about how much electricity we're saving by not needing the A/C.

We finally have everything moved downstairs and set up. I still have some arranging yet to do, but it’s been fun getting organized and on track again. Bear immediately picked out his spot close to the door. He’s my constant companion when I’m down here. I learned very quickly that with him, I can step on or step over, but he has claimed his spot and doesn’t intend to move.

In all the shuffling & moving, I found an index card that I had forgotten about. I vaguely remember writing if for Honey to put in his Bible. I don’t remember where I found the list, but thought you might like it,

Spiritual Exercise
…is much like physical exercise:

The weak areas are often the ones unused, and painful. These are the areas where satan will attack the hardest. We must exercise all areas – especially the ones that are weak.

1. Reading the Bible
2. Memorizing Scripture
3. Meditation on God’s Word
4. Prayer for personal relationships
5. Prayer for others
6. Encouragement to other believers
7. Witnessing
8. Helping others
9. Stewardship of finances
10. Stewardship of time

That little index card now sits on my desk as a constant reminder that no matter how well I think I’m doing … I’ve still got a long way to go. As I work on the devotionals for Sojourner, I find that the lessons are more for me than anyone else. It’s funny how God can take a simple little list on a forgotten index card to smack me in the head to get my attention. Number 10 has always been my weakest area. I have little concept for time. I can say that with certainty; bosses from my previous lifetime have pointed out my deficit enough times.

Speaking of time management, it’s time to get back to work. Since all the furniture is being shuffled around, I’m in the middle of spring-cleaning upstairs. Have a really good day and may the Lord bless you.

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