What A Weekend!

First of all, a warm hello & thank you to the folks who have contacted me recently. Your kind words are like rays of sunshine on a cloudly day.

Speaking of cloudy days. It's raining here at the cabin. It started before I got up at 3:30 this morning. This is one of those slow soaking rains that we've been needing so badly. The weather has been teasing us for some time now. I checked on the tomato & cucumber plants this morning, and their leaves appear to be stretching up to heaven to receive the blessing from God.

We've had a busy weekend. Saturday, Honey & I took a road trip down to southern New Hampshire and stopped in Claremont to visit the kids & grandkids on the way home. Monica is officially my step daughter; but I never have liked that term. Maybe it's because the old Disney movies created a stigma with their 'evil step mother'/'unwelcome step child' inferences. I don't see her as my step daughter - she's my friend. (Her husband's pretty awesome too!) It was so much fun to watch Honey sitting in their living room strumming a little pink guitar. He was giving the oldest granddaughter a mini guitar lesson. She is so inquisitive and is always eager to learn new things. So when her 'Papa Bear' showed up, out came the guitar. The youngest granddaughter kept introducing us to her cat. The youngest, being shy, is a girl of few words. So she would wag that dear, patient cat(that's almost as big as she is)back and forth to each of us. Watching their personalities develop as they grow is such a blessing. You know, little folks have a way of keeping you young. When we headed home, there was a strong resolve to make that trip more often.

Yesterday afternoon I made some bread & peanut butter cookies to get ready for the coming week, while Honey and his dad were having misadventures outside moving an old pickup down the driveway. Honey bought the old clunker a few years back in hopes of 'fixing it up' to use as a work truck. Due to lack of time, (and lack of enthusiasm), progress had been slow. I never have liked having that old truck, so I was thrilled when Honey finally decided to sell it. After several months on craigs list, he thinks he has a buyer. All they had to do was drag that old thing down the driveway so the buyer can load it when/if he comes by this week.

The top of the driveway is almost flat; but it starts sloping pretty quick, and the way down is steep. Honey was pulling with his truck, and his dad was steering the other. Honey took the chain off his truck so he could turn it around, re-hook, and ease the junk truck down the driveway. Did I mention the junk truck doesn't have breaks? Before Honey could get to the bottom, turn around, and reposition his truck, he looked in his mirror and saw the junk truck and his dad come flying down the drive. I was up to my elbows in bread dough when I heard the crash. His dad did a pretty good job at manuvering that old truck. He barely missed Honey's truck, his wife's car, and a shed before he crashed into an old wooden boat that was being stored at the bottom of the driveway, (the SS Minnow is his 'gonna fix one day' project.)Amazing enough the junk truck came through without a scratch, the old wooden boat only had a dent; and by the time I could get outside, they were coming around the house laughing like a couple of kids. The took great joy in recounting the story for me - several times. All I can say is, the Good Lord watches over these crazy mountain men. When they get together, you never know what will happen next. Who needs TV & entertainment centers? We make our own fun.

It's time to get back to work. Have a great day, and

May the Lord bless you.

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