What a beautiful day! It’s almost acting like it might turn into summer before long. The clouds just seem to be hanging overhead again; but the air is warm and just maybe the sun will break through before today is over.

Honey has been having a difficult time at work lately, so I made a carrot cake to go with the roasted chicken, potatoes & carrots for supper last night. With a loaf of bread cooling in the kitchen, a carrot cake on the table, and I my hands deep into dishwater, I got to thinking. I’m a true blue Southern woman. Maybe it’s true for women everywhere, but in the south, whenever someone is having a hard time, the first thoughts are ‘What can I fix?’ For example: A child’s skinned knee requires pudding or jello; A broken heart demands anything chocolate; and a wounded spirit needs a favorite meal, including dessert.

Years ago when I was a young woman, we had an elderly neighbor lady. Her name was Ms. Daisy. Ms. Daisy was well into her eighties at the time and was fond of telling me that the last auto she had driven had been her Daddy’s old chain-driven truck. Her husband had taken off and left her to raise three children alone. In her youth, she would walk everywhere she went in our small town, often pulling one of the kids in a little red wagon. Life was hard for her, but she never had so little that she couldn’t find some to share with someone in need. Her failing health had made it difficult for her to get out and about without assistance; so during the time that we were neighbors, I would enjoy taking her on excursions. Whenever someone in town passed away, I would get a phone call, “Honey, could you taken me to pick up some fried chicken to take to the family?” For almost seven years, we carted fried chicken to most of the households in that little town.

I’m not sure if I completely understand it, but deep within a woman is a need to nurture; and where I come from – cooking isn’t just a necessity for survival, it’s a form of nurturing. Just try to sneak in & out of the hospital and often you will come home to a kitchen filled with love offerings from the women in your life. I can testify to this. I’ve gotten delicious meals from women I didn’t even know.

As I look around our community and around the country, nurturing & kindness seems to be going by way of the old chain driven trucks. The gift of nurturing is passed down from one generation to another. I've had some wonderful teachers in my lifetime. Mamas teach your daughters to nurture, whether it be with food, flowers, or a patient listening ear. I truly believe that if we had only one prayer answered each day, it would be, "Lord please help me ease the burden and make life better for one person today."

Have a wonderful day & may the Lord bless you.

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