4th of July Weekend

The weekend is over and I’m getting back on track. Honey ran us all over the country Friday & Saturday. We had fun; but by Sunday, I was exhausted. We went down to Southern New Hampshire on Friday.

Honey was window shopping again. The traffic was terrible, so we ended up on the back roads. The going is much slower, but peaceful. I guess the city folks from Boston & New York only know interstates. I’m glad. Those folks are terrible drivers! They come to the country to get away from traffic, then bring their big-city driving (and most of their neighbors) with them. We drove by one of the big lakes in the area on the way home. The lake stopped being open to the general public when someone bought up all the land around it, built rental houses (mansions in my opinion), and leased them out to the city folks. It’s funny, the rich city folks come to the lakes in mass for quiet time, sit on the edge of the lake shoulder to shoulder with other city folks, and call it getting back to nature. I’ve lived in cities that weren’t as crowded as that lake area was. This country girl just gawked at what these rich folks call getting away from it all.

On the way back home we stopped at a little country store. I asked Honey to take a picture of the sign while I went in search of the facilities. As you can see, Honey has a twisted sense of humor. I didn’t buy food there – only a soda.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. It was truly a good day to remember the ones who have served and are currently serving to make this country great. Let’s keep them all in our prayers.

I’ve got to get back to work. The fellow is coming today to pick up that old truck and I’m planning a celebration of leftover pork roast, potato salad, and green beans. It may not sound like a celebration meal to you; but in my opinion, something’s are just better the second time around.

Have a wonderful day, and may the Lord bless you!

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