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There's not much to report today. Everything has been pretty settled around here this week. I've been having headaches with my internet. Modern technology - a real love/hate relationship!

We went down to see the grandchildren yesterday. It was so much fun! They just grow like weeds, and at 3 & 6, the changes are constant. I took lots of pictures of Papa Bear with his little darlings, but for safety reasons, I can't post them. It's a shame that the world has gotten this way. Little kids just aren't safe anymore. It seems like innocence is constantly under attack.

I've been catching up with friends and doing some looking around the net during the early hours. Tom, over at Christian Farm & Ranchman, is all fired up and has some powerful things to say in his July 9th article. Stop by and get yourself energized. Along the same thinking, there's a new devotional over at Sojourner2Heaven that should get alot of folks thinking.

I guess the thought that just keeps going through my mind these days is - are we truly serious about following Jesus?

Today is a good day to get alone with God and examine my heart. Am I doing ALL that I can to serve the Lord and minister to others? Is my walk with Christ close and personal, or am I just giving lip-service to His name? I hear people say "There's not much I can do. I just try to live a good life." Is living a good life enough?

Being a good person won't get me into heaven. Accepting Jesus as my Savior and truly LIVING for Him is the key, not only for my salvation, but also for the joy that comes with reaching out to others for Him. Are we in love with Christ? Or are we just grateful for the 'fire insurance' that He has provided? When we accepted Christ as our Saviour, did we sign on as His willing servant, or did we reach out to Him solely for what we can get out of it?

I've got alot of mixed emotions about all this. Partly, I'm frustrated to see so many folks that call themselves Christians who are living this life only for themselves. How will it benefit them? Sunday morning Christianity is good enough. Is that truly a love relationship? It sounds more like a dead marriage to me. My other thinking is that I'm excited. I am starting to see some real fire in the Christians that have truly sold out for the Lord. There's a fellow down in North Carolina who was burning up with the desire to do more for the Lord. He started an IHOP (International House Of Prayer) in his community. I'll talk more about him at a later time. He's got an amazing story to tell. And there are a few others. But which side of the fence are we going to fall on? The time for fence sitting is over. Are we going to completely give ourselves to the Lord, or are we going to follow Him in name only?

Times up. Honey just woke up and needs his coffee. But I encourage you to join me today in self-examination. The Lord is coming back very soon for His people. Are we going to be ready to stand in His presence and give an account for all that we've done? More importantly - all that we haven't done?

Have a good day and may the Lord bless you.

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