Lessons Learned

I'm sure everyone has had situations where they wished they would have known the outcome before they proceeded down an unknown path. Let me explain. I'm an old fashion girl. Just because something is new and fancy doesn't mean I have to have it. I am pretty content sticking with the things I'm used to and comfortable with. Well last week I found a website that I absolutely had to get into. I signed up and was all excited about seeing how this website was going to enhance my life. As soon as I put my information on the site and started to customize my little spot, I had to sign off for a couple of hours. When I tried to sign back in - the site didn't work. That was great. It had all my information and then wouldn't let me back in! To say that I became frustrated was an understatement. I proceeded to email the technology specialists - again and again. They were very nice and helpful. The only solution they could unanimously come up with is that I needed to upgrade my browser. I have a real love/hate relationship with technology. I was comfortable with Internet Explorer 6.0. We became friends when I got my computer and I didn't see any need to replace it. Instead I tried everything I could think of to accomplish my goals without upgrading. I hate the whole upgrade process. It takes forever and to me it seemed senseless. My internet service doesn't require me to use IE, so I don't. Why should I have to upgrade it?

After the frustration became too much, I decided that OK, I would give in and upgrade. What was the big deal? I never use it anyway. So after spending several hours upgrading this morning, it's finally complete, (and YES, I can access the desired site and now my life will be forever changed because if it). What they failed to mention that in upgrading to Internet Explorer 9, I would loose access to ALL my links on my original sign on page. These were my favorites! These were the places that I would go to be entertained, educated, comforted, and spiritually fed. These were the places that I can't go back to because I didn't write down the addresses before I upgraded.

Isn't that the way life seems to be? We make decisions before we know all the facts and all the consequences. It's sad really, that I'm not the only one who jumps into situations 'half-cocked' and don't realize that even though the new & improved might make my life better - I should still be cautious and wary.

I have identified this weakness in me and have spent almost 30 years teaching (some could call it nagging) my kids to "look before you leap". Just ask them. I have stressed the word caution until the mere sound of it makes their eyes glaze over and their phones loose battery time. "yea, sure Mom, hey listen, my battery is running low. I've got to go. I'll talk to you later. Love ya." has been their usual response.

I'll do what I can to adjust to my new environment and in time I can probably hunt & peck until I relocate my old haunts. But just do me a favor, don't tell my kids that I've done the very thing I keep harping on them not to do.

Have a great day and may the Lord bless you.

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