Praying For Others

Good morning. It’s another wet day here at the cabin. For all those who are missing the rain, I’m afraid we took it. Feel free to come get it back. I sure wish I could send it your way. We’re starting to grow web-feet.

For awhile I’ve had some stuff dogging my thoughts. I’d like to share a little of it today. First of all, I am asking for some prayer warriors to step up and help. A couple of months ago Honey’s brother-in-law had a minor stroke. Amazingly he came through it with no side-effects. Unfortunately the way-ward saint continued along his way. Yesterday we learned that he had been suffering from headaches and went to the doctor. After an MRI they told him that he has a brain tumor. He was rushed to Dartmouth-Hitchcock hospital in NH. They were doing tests the last I heard. The tumor appears to be about the size of a golf ball, and they are worried because it developed in just two months. Please hold Allan up in your prayers.

Allan is just one person on my personal prayer list. So many are hurting, so many have circumstances in their lives that need help and healing. My youngest son is still looking for work after 7 months. The list goes on. How about you? Are there areas in your life that you need God’s intervention and help? Would it give you comfort to know that others are going to the Lord specifically on your behalf? I know it does me. To be praying with Honey and hear him mention my name in his prayers make my heart want to sing! I know Honey loves me; but to actually hear him talk to the Lord about me is so precious.

God hears us when we pray. For those that don’t know Jesus as their Savior, God hears the prayer for salvation. For those that are burdened and in pain, God hears our pleas for help and healing. But we can’t just stop there. Intercessory prayer isn’t just a nice thing to do. The Bible has a lot of Scriptures telling us to pray for others. I’m not talking about the quick “Lord, bless them.” The quick ‘on the run’ prayers are good; but God wants us to include the prayers for others in our quiet time with Him as well.

There was an older man in a church where we used to attend. When it came time for prayer requests, he told us about a time when he was out of work and needed a job. He would pray almost without ceasing. This went on for quite a while. Then this man learned of another man in town who also needed a job. This dear saint decided to stop praying for his own needs and began praying for this other fellow instead. As it turned out, it wasn’t any time at all that they both were actively employed. The first man ended up getting a job that was better than he had expected. Now we don’t pray for others in hopes of getting blessings for ourselves. This isn’t a magic formula, nor is God our genie. God is sovereign and He knows our hearts. When we can put aside our own wants and needs God is truly moved to compassion.

“They that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee. He forgetteth not the cry of the humble.” Psalm
By the way, I know a lot of you personally, and pray for you often. If others need prayer, I would love to add you to my prayer list. (I don’t need details … just a name. The Lord knows you and your circumstances.) In praying for each other, we truly become a family of God.

Have a great day and may the Lord bless you.

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