'Tis The Season To Shop!

Good morning!

It’s raining here at the cabin – again. But I don’t mind it so bad today. Summer has finally arrived! We’ve had a week of warm, sometimes sunny, days with bees and open windows. This probably sounds strange to the folks living in the normal world, but this has been the coldest & wettest summer I’ve seen since I’ve been here. I was thinking earlier that I’m sure glad all this precipitation isn’t snow. If it were, we’d be buried so deep that we’d never dig our way out. I guess I’d better watch saying that 4-letter word out loud. With the crazy weather patterns we’ve been having, just about anything is possible these days.

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on around here lately. Honey has been working as much overtime as he can get right now. When he gets laid off this winter, his unemployment will be based on these earnings. I guess we live in a world of extremes – hardly ever seeing each other in the summer and tripping over each other in the winter.

He came in the other day all excited. Despite my best efforts to stand in front of the calendar when he walks by, he informed me with entirely too much enthusiasm that hunting season will be here soon! That probably wouldn’t have worried me, but he was waving a sporting goods catalog when he said it. Women who live with hunters and/or gun enthusiasts understand this need for concern.

In the spirit of wanting to get ‘into’ this mindset of his, I started thumbing through his catalog. Oh my! Did you ladies know that there are things in there for us too? Granted our section consists of about two pages; but we can get a really neat set of 12 white terry towels for only $19.97. That’s a real bargain. Or maybe a door frame fan that’s shaped like a spider web. It is supposed to circulate the air from room to room. The concept is good, but would you want anything that looks like a spider web in your home? I have been battling spiders so much lately that it’s starting to affect my dreams.

This catalog is not for ‘girlie girls’. There is nothing pink, and ruffles have been completely left out. What started my in-depth search through the catalog was the offer of a 6-piece cast iron cookware set on page 78. Not bad for $69.97; and the natural cedar log bed would really fit the rustic cabin look that I’ve been working on. So maybe we can compromise on this hunting thing after all. He can have a new camo wardrobe, complete with the camo long johns, (There’s a question here that I dare not ask), and all the ammo he can shoot, and I’ll take new furniture, deer head slipcovers, and cookware. Isn’t this togetherness thing fun?

Well it’s time to get back to work. Have a great day and may the Lord bless you.

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