Window Shopping

Summer has finally arrived! It’s been in the 90’s for the past few days and even though it’s a tad on the hot side, it feels wonderful after nine months of cold. Summer got here about the same time as the fall leaves. Some of the trees across New England have started to turn; (about a month early), and the oak tree in the yard has been dropping acorns for several weeks now. But for right now, I’m going to ignore the signs that are pointing to an early fall & possible early winter and just focus on how wonderful the warm summer days feel!

This past weekend Honey and I were window shopping again. Since before work started up in the spring, Honey has been shopping for a motor home. We’ve been living here for over nine years now, and have gotten to go back to see family and friends less than a handful of times. This has really been bugging Honey. Every year we look for a way to go for a visit, and every year something happens, or doesn’t happen, to allow us to leave. This year, we’re hoping to use his winter lay-off to try one more time to make the trip. He has intensified his efforts, prayed without ceasing for God to bless these efforts, and without a doubt would win the ‘Most Obsessive Man of the Year Award’ hands down. For months, when he gets up in the morning he starts his day with Craigslist.com. During the day as he drives his truck, he watches for ‘for sale’ signs all along the way. And at night, he ends his day with craigslist and emails to & from people with RVs for sale.

There’s a whole list of reasons why planes, trains, busses, and the pickup simply aren’t doable; and to travel for the length of time required, it’s necessary to look into motor homes. I’ve learned more about these mammoth beasts than I ever thought possible. I’m learning to spot a leaky seal around a window from 10 feet away; and I’m also learning to listen for the catch in a salesman’s voice, as he/she makes their pitch, that indicates there’s something they are trying to hide. It then becomes a game to see which one of us can spot the discrepancy first. They can’t legally lie about anything concerning their products, but when they put an extreme effort to point out something on the right, it’s a good sign to look left. Often we double-team a salesman. One of us will keep them busy talking while the other one starts digging in to check for soft floors in the bathrooms, water stains around windows and cabinets, and any other signs that the new remodeling job wasn’t just because they got bored with the interior. Two of my least favorite things to do is car shop and house hunt. Combining the two didn’t sit very well with me at first. But over the summer, I’ve started to almost enjoy the game. Maybe it’s because playing the game with Honey makes it fun. It really sets my competitive nature on edge when he finds a flaw that I missed.

I don’t know if God is going to bless our efforts and allow us this trip. I pray He does for so many reasons – not the least of which is because of Honey’s supreme efforts to make this possible for me.

Everyone have a good day. Enjoy the summer while it’s here. And may the Lord bless you.

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