It’s a beautiful day here at the cabin. The nights and early mornings are a bit chilly lately, but the afternoons are gorgeous. We’re going to enjoy these days while we have them. Honey & his dad put a new pump in the well last weekend. With all their activity, they stirred up the mud inside. So the water has been running a little dirty for the past couple of days. But it’s starting to clear now. Work will begin this next weekend to prepare the area around the well for a drilling crew to come in and re-drill it. I am looking forward to the day when we can use all the water we need and not have to worry about running out or burning up the pump. Life is almost back to normal.

There’s not much news around here lately. I heard from my son & daughter-in-law in North Carolina the other day. God has really blessed their need for work. The company he started working for has increased his hours, and the nursing home she works for is giving her almost more overtime than she can handle. Praise God! They feel that God has really put it on their hearts to share the blessings. They talked to other believers and found that they were all feeling the same call. With the economy in the condition it’s in, there are a lot of folks in their area not doing too well. So, the kids, family, and friends are having a ‘block party’ for the other folks at their apartment complex. Volunteers are coming from everywhere. One man has offered to do all the cooking, another man is providing a sound system, and a band has offered to play. Food will come in from all directions too. Everything will be free. They figure that God gives freely, so they can too. Sometimes I get aggravated with these two for not squeezing every dime. But I suspect my logic is overriding my faith. You can’t out-give God. When He blesses His people, He expects us to in turn bless others. There is a difference between being foolish and being faithful. I’m learning more and more that we truly do serve an awesome God!

My time’s up. Honey will be home soon for supper. Have a great day and may the Lord bless you.

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