Headed Home

It’s another beautiful day here at the cabin. It sure is nice to see summer finally arrive. In looking around, it seems like almost every region of the United States has been having some really odd weather these past few months. Honey said that this reminds him of the seasons of his youth. Then he added that the winters of his youth would make the snowstorms I’ve seen the past 9 years look like child’s play. At that point I stopped listening. I am just going to enjoy the tremendous weather we are having right now.

I have considered not adding anymore to the accounts of our trip last weekend. I’m sure everyone is starting to think I’ve beat that dead horse about as much as is necessary. But if you can bear with me just one more time, there are a few more thoughts I’d like to share. Besides, I still have a couple of pictures left to show you.

As we got up Sunday morning, we were facing a long day ahead of us. Each with our own thoughts and concerns. But before we started the day, it was time for church. A dear friend had sent us a CD of a teaching by Pastor Anna. We decided that it would be a good time to listen to it. Like so many across the country and even around the world these days, church is often just the two of us, coming to God together. So many think that church is a building that must be attended at pre-determined intervals. I don’t see church as a noun – to me it’s an action verb. Church is something that you do, not a place you attend. The gathering of the saints is for teaching but it's a time for fellowship and encouragement. The Bible tells us that we should gather.Hopefully, one day, we'll find a church home that we can become a part of. Anyway, we listened to the CD together as we drank our coffee in silence. The silence wasn’t out of some ritual. It was because the teaching was so good that we didn’t want to miss anything. The Lord spoke to each of us on so many different levels as we listened. We knew we would have to listen to it at least one more time just to digest it all. (I just heard it again for the second time, and after a page of notes, I still missed stuff.) The teaching talked about the seasons of our lives and committing things to God. She said something that I want to share with you,

“God, you put a vision on the inside of me, and I’m trusting you to fulfill it.” (Pastor Anna in reference to Joseph)

That really stuck with me. Even though there were other parts to the teaching that directly related to me/us, this one statement seems to be to be straight from God to me.

Later as Honey was checking the air in the tires and making sure everything was ready to travel, I sat in the motorhome and wrote down these thoughts,

-This may have been misrepresented to us. The woman may have intended to cheat & lie for a few extra dollars – but God holds the balance sheet. This has been dedicated to Him, and He will use it for His glory. Where He will take us, I don’t know. What our assignments will be, is beyond my understanding right now. But as I sit here, looking around me, I have such a strong sense of peace. God is in control, and we are being called to expand our service to Him.-

The trip home was slow and difficult, but we stopped at a rest area beside Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Honey wanted to get a picture to commemorate our trip. The mountain is known worldwide and the Mt. Washington Hotel below it is probably one of the most photographed hotels in the world. Its grandeur is amazing. From what I understand, it was a place frequented by the upper elite back around the turn of the century. It’s still extremely exclusive. Most folks can only afford to stand beside the highway and take pictures. But, isn't it beautiful with the mountain as a backdrop?

It’s about time to start supper. Have a wonderful day and may the Lord bless you.

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