Salt & Light

It’s official. The season is over, and Honey is laid off until spring. This comes with its mixed bag of blessings and challenges. But, God will provide. As we were chatting this morning, Honey was getting worked up with a new sermon and he uttered the phrase “salt and light”. For some reason, that stuck in my head and then started rolling around. The following is my take on the whole salt and light thing.

Salt & Light

As Christians we often hear how the Bible tells us that we are suppose to be salt and light to the world. Out of curiosity, I looked up the word ‘light’ in the dictionary. According to the Oxford American Dictionary,

Light - 1.) An agent that stimulates the sense of sight, a kind of radiation.
2.) To set burning, to begin to burn.

There are various forms and uses of light. Most Christians use the light aspect of “salt & light” to talk about shining the light of God on the sins of this world. That’s very important. Sin hides in the dark shadows, a lot like cockroaches. When of the Light of God is presented, sin is exposed and can be dealt with. To enlighten the path toward God means that we are less likely to accidentally slip into the potholes and become bogged down in a sinful life. That’s absolutely necessary, especially in these dark days of humanity. A harsh light can be used to blind the enemy, a spotlight points out a specific area, and light from the sun promotes life & health. Even though Jesus Christ was THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD; we as Christians are told to shine the light. That’s very important.

Salt is a chemical compound of metal & acid. God designed it. Salt is created naturally in the earth and the sea. Humans and animals require certain properties in salt for optimum health. Without going too deep into the chemical makeup, I want to just look at the basics. When put in a wound, salt will sting like there’s no tomorrow, but will aid in healing. When salt is rubbed on the skin, it will feel irritating – but will help flake away the dead skin cells and encourage new growth. Salt is used as a preservative. And in using it as a spice, salt enhances the taste of food. But too much salt in food will raise a person’s blood pressure, creating hypertension.

With all that said, I am a salt sprinkler!

There is talk everywhere about being a light bearer – but what about the salt sprinklers? Everyone wants to hold the light, but no one wants to be responsible for the sting and irritation that is created by the salt sprinkler. The light exposes the hurting wounds, but without the healing quality of salt, you still just have a gapping wound. Everyone wants to show the way, but no one wants to be responsible for the irritation of helping to scrub off the old dead rituals of our lives and society so new growth can occur. And I guess what really grabbed my attention here was the spice aspect of salt. What is food without spices? What’s life without spice? We become so entrenched in our day to day existence that God couldn’t get our attention without a bull horn or a baseball bat. Much of what I say tends to rub some folks the wrong way. What I say may not necessarily be wrong, just not pleasant to hear sometimes. As I fumble my way along the path to heaven, I’m scattering salt with just about every step. Salt from my little salt pan falls on the just and the unjust equally. I also have been known to cause high blood pressure on occasion, (right Honey?).

The light bearers get the praise and kudos from man. They are encouraged to show the way and to light the fire of enthusiasm among the saints. Us poor old salt sprinklers, well … we are tolerated at best sometimes. But that’s OK. I carry my little salt pan with glee. Just remember that when something I say starts to stinging or irritating, the salt gets on me too. Oh by the way, Honey did point out that some salt bearers tend to throw rock salt. That isn’t being a salt sprinkler for God. That’s taking advantage of opportunities to assault others in the name of God.

Folks, God gives us many worthy and wonderful tasks to do here on this earth. Even the most difficult task should be performed with humility, love, and as much joy as we can muster. Times are hard, but life as a Christian shouldn’t be dreary. God didn’t create us and then say “Oh by the way, I’ll give them the ability to laugh, but they should never have to need it”. So, get off the couch, grab your torch, gather your little salt pan, and go spread some of that salt & light to everyone you come in contact with! Just watch out for those carrying flame-throwers and buckets of rock salt. They are pretty easy to spot. Pious oozes out of their pores and their mouths are all puckered up like they’ve been drinking pickle juice.

Have a great day and may the Lord bless you.

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