What a wonderful day here at the cabin! The temps were up in the 50’s for the most part. The snow is almost all gone from the yard, and melting at a nice pace. And the sun was shinning to beat the band! It doesn’t get much better than that for a New England March.
We’ve been as busy as can be lately. Today we were in spring cleaning mode full force. Honey took a load of stuff to the dump while I stayed busy at the cabin. As I looked out the windows, the sun was entirely too inviting, so whenever I would stop for a break, I would take my little dulcimer out onto the porch and did my version of “pickin’ & grinning”. As I played my simple tunes, I would look up the mountain and around the meadow and be in awe at the mighty hand of God. He created all this by merely speaking Words. The birds were out in force and I think how the most sophisticated instruments designed by the best craftsmen can’t come close in perfection to the simple songbird. Isn’t God’s love for us amazing?! He created all this to share with us.

I've been studying the Scriptures. I feel that God has got some things for me to share, just not yet. But until then ...

Have a great night and may the Lord bless you.

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