A Time To Pray

It’s been an absolutely marvelous day here at the cabin. The temperature got up to about 60 degrees today. The sun was shining and as I stood outside, I could literally hear the snow melting. We still have considerable snow in the yard, but as the piles decrease, there are tiny patches of green springing up to start the new season. Granted, the green belongs to weeds … but it’s green none the less. In the seasonal “rock, paper, scissors game” – green weeds beat white snow every time.

To even the most ill informed, the talk around the country is buzzing like a beehive. The potential action in congress tomorrow has sent tidal waves of anger and fear throughout the communities in America like a tsunami. I know that I said a year ago that I was going to forgo talking of politics and such. And actually, my focus right now isn’t necessarily on politics. It’s on people. I have been a life-long student of people. I watch & listen to how folks act and interact. Over the past year I have watched and listened to rumors, threats, and name-calling among the various people groups. As the heat would turn up in Washington DC, the squabbling would get worse. But when there would be a lull in the congressional actions, the people would continue to escalate in their arguments.

Folks, from everything I have seen and heard over the past year; I have determined that beyond a doubt – the people that we have elected as servants of “the people” (on both sides of the isle) have divided our country more than it has ever been. This time the lines aren’t drawn along a map with some folks wearing blue & others wearing gray. This time it is neighbor against neighbor, parent against child, friend against friend.

Back when I was in high school, I was assigned a research project in my Senior Civics class. I was to research and report on mob mentality. At the time there was no internet, merely stacks of books, magazines, and other written accounts by psychologist & sociologist about how a mob forms, grows, and eventually depletes itself. Once a mob starts, it takes on a life of it’s own. It is pure evil at the very core. Fed by anger & frustration, it’s destructive actions and abilities are irrational and irresponsible. As I look around and listen to the people of this great country … we now have all the makings of the mob mentality. Can we stop it? I don’t believe that it can be stopped in our own power. If ever this country needs prayer, it's now. So whether you live in the U.S. or in another country, please let’s join together and seek the Lord’s intervention before someone gets hurt.

On a similar note, Honey posted an article on Sojourner today. He has been researching the information for several days now, and I am really proud of his efforts. When you have a minute, stop by and take a look.

Have a good night, and may the Lord bless and keep you in the days to come.

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