It's Time

It’s been a wonderful weekend here at the cabin. Now that spring has arrived, the ‘to do’ list just keeps growing. The seedlings in the mudroom are coming along nicely, the green house will be going up in about a week, and the section of the yard that will be used for the colder climate plants is cleared and ready for Honey to till. Most gardens aren’t planted until Memorial Day, so the transplants have a little more time to grow.

Honey starts back to work tomorrow! The seasonal layoff is finally over and we begin our regular schedule once again. I’m going to miss having him around, but it’s going to be good to be back to normal. He spent his last afternoon of ‘freedom’ writing for Sojourner. If you have a minute, stop by and check it out. God has done some really wonderful things with Honey over the course of the winter. The more he hungers for the Lord, the more the Lord is glorified in my husband’s words & deeds. It does my heart good to watch him grow in the Lord.

Ladies, if you aren’t married … never settle for less than a man who is 100% committed to the Lord. When a husband is following the Lord, trust issues don’t happen. When a husband is following the Lord, there is an enormous sense of security in the home. And when a husband is following the Lord, all disagreements are usually settled with a prayer much like mine “Lord, you know that man you gave me…” It always ends with, “Lord, if he’s wrong … please tell him. But if I’m wrong, could you tell me?” I have yet to see that prayer go unanswered. And ladies, if you are married to a man who isn’t walking very close to God … keep praying for him; and treat him with all the love and respect that you can give. The prayers of a godly wife are always heard! Just be careful if you get the urge to ask God to smack your husband. When the husband gets smacked, we suffer the results too.

We need to pray for our husbands frequently. There’s not a day that goes by when he walks out the door to go to work that I don’t pray for him as he leaves. Then I rest assured that God’s going to be right there watching over him all day long. It’s a dangerous world out there. God’s protection is so vital no matter what job they do.

Oh and husbands, your wife not only needs a man who is absolutely sold out to the Lord, she also needs a man who prays for her daily as well. She needs to know that she is loved & cherished every minute of the day and nothing will convey this to her like you taking her hand and praying for her safety & her concerns with her. Women like to hear their men talk to God on their behalf!

There is so much more I could say, but it’s time to finish the day; 4:30 is going to come awful early tomorrow. Have a great night, and may the Lord bless you.

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