It’s been busy here at the cabin the past few weeks. If I didn’t know any better, I would almost think that the world is spinning faster. I just don’t know where the days are going. It seems I don’t get started good before it’s time to turn out the lights and call it quits.

After Honey started back to work, the cabin started getting awful quiet. So about a week ago we added a new member to our family. His name is Bandit. He’s a 14-month-old chow mix. We had chows back when I was younger, so I took to him right off. Bandit has the look & protectiveness of a chow, and the personality of a lab. Unlike the full-blood chow, he’s very social and playful. And he has been great company for me while Honey is away.

We’ve had quite a time getting to know each other. I suspect that he earned the name Bandit for a reason. The dog steals socks and towels every chance he can. He doesn’t chew on them; he just sort of wads them up and lays on them. Oddly enough that’s about the only thing he doesn’t chew on.

Leash training has been a real challenge. The whole concept was new to him. In the beginning, he would fight the leash whenever I was leading him somewhere that he had no intention of going. As I watched him, I thought about how much he resembles me whenever God tries to direct my steps and I would get headstrong, wanting things my way. Bandit would often take the leash in his teeth and try to ‘lead’ me in the direction that he wanted to go. Haven’t I done similar things with God? Don’t I try to tell God through prayer how I want Him to respond to my needs? How many times have I cried out to God because events occurred that kept me from taking the path that ‘I’ wanted to take? God patiently teaches me that if I will just settle down and follow Him, my life could be so much better.

I’ve often heard it said that people choose pets that best reflect their own personalities. In learning Bandit’s personality, I guess there might be something to that. He is overly curious, very headstrong, and if left to his own devices for too long … very prone to getting into something he shouldn’t. Yep, that sounds like me all right.

Time’s up. Honey will be home soon and I still need to finish my chores & start supper. Have a great day & may the Lord bless you!

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