Another Random Question

I’ve been doing some reading lately, and a thought started tickling my mind. It may sound a bit crazy to most, but let your imagination go a little crazy for a moment.

Question: What if the Apostles would have had access to our modern technology?

I don’t know where these thoughts come from. Some tell me that I have too much time on my hands. Others simply think I spend too much time alone. To be truthful, this kind of thinking is more pronounced when I am around other people on a regular basis. But back to the question, What if the Apostles of the New Testament had access to our modern technology?

Just imagine the emails. Paul could have zipped off a couple dozen epistles, by email, to the Thessalonian church in just a matter of hours; and then the church could have forward them along to each of the members. He could have saved himself a lot of walking and maybe even some prison time by simply setting up an office in a little village or cave. With the electronic devices we have today, such as cell phones & the ever-intrusive IM, he could have easily eluded capture before the Romans even approached the outskirts of town.

Just think of how the Psalms and prophecies would have circulated around the globe in Forwards. I’m sure they would have been complete with the cute little pictures & animation.

I personally don’t Twitter, thus don’t really understand it … but Peter could have broadcast his epistles to the world a sentence at a time. Do you suppose that he would have used the standard LOL, or ROFL? How about TTYL?

John the Revelator would have become youtube’s biggest hit. The only drawback would be that the contents would have been in little 5-minute segments. Don’t you know that the comment sections under the videos would be full! There are programs where a person can stream “live”. As a matter of fact, we can watch the folks praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem 24 hours a day. (I wonder if that’ll be the technology used when the two Witnesses testify during the Tribulation.)

All of this information could then be compiled in a multimedia website, with each taking turns manning the interactive bulletin boards.

Technology is truly amazing. Most of it became daily living essentials during my lifetime. There are some really great folks using all of the above to spread God’s Word and encourage the Saints. But somehow I can’t help but think that sharing the Good News is loosing its personal touch. Remember the good old days where two folks would sit at the kitchen table and talk about God and His mercy over a danish and a cup of coffee? Once upon a time, when I was constantly on the go, I kept a Bible in the car. I never knew when I would need it to share with others. There would be bookmarks and highlights marking the Roman Road passages.

You know, Paul could never have reached that jailer for the Lord if he wasn’t in that jail. It was an up-close and personal moment that led the Ethiopian to the Lord as well. I want to encourage you to keep your Bibles handy, and always look for an opportunity to share Jesus on a personal level. There is absolutely no part of life that Jesus and God’s plan for us doesn’t fit in. And in the meantime, keep those fwds, emails, and text messages going out! ROFL!

Have a great day, and may the Lord bless you.

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