Muddled Mind

It’s early in the morning here at the cabin. Everyone is still sleeping as I close myself into my little room with only my faithful dog and my cup of coffee. I try to focus on the task at hand, but so many thoughts are crowding my mind for attention. I pick up the dulcimer and begin to strum. Many times that will quiet my racing mind and help me to focus on the Lord.

“Just a Closer Walk With Thee”
“Just As I Am”
“Sweet Hour of Prayer”

Sometimes the mind clears by now. Not today. I move to “In The Pines” and “Amazing Grace”. Things are beginning to fall into order.

What do you do when things are all jumbled? Even when I try to live right and keep my mind clean, I get assaulted. Strangely it’s not always with ‘worldly’ thoughts. Instead, prayer concerns of family & friends … our own household concerns … thoughts of the coming days … you name it. When I am praying, little thoughts of what I should be “doing” keep trying to distract me; and when I’m “doing”, thoughts of how I should be more focused on my Spiritual growth and outreach hound me. Please tell me that I’m not alone in this. I guess the distractions are the worst when I am trying to write. A simple post may take only a few hours and some take days. I can’t count the number that were started and ended up in the computer trashcan.

I have found that sorting through the muddled mess in my mind can be awful time consuming. Personally, I think that’s where satan hits us the hardest – in the mind. If he can keep us preoccupied and focused on self, we can’t be effective for God. I have to choose each day not to allow myself to get caught up in the ‘self’-awareness bog. I take everything to God. I pray for the family & friends who are concerning me instead of holding onto their problems as my own. I have to give them to God or the weight of their issues would smother me. I give our own family concerns to Him as well. If I can’t “fix” it … He can.

Often a long walk with Bandit gives me time to pray and sort out my priorities. Time is so short.

What is the most important thing? Serving God.

How can I best do that today? Get close to Him and reach out to others.

What is stopping me from doing this? I list these issues to God one by one and give them to Him to deal with.

Now, what can I do today/right now to best serve God? My priorities start to line up.

I would like to say that I am such a mighty Christian that I am on track 24/7. But that would be lying. I struggle with ‘self’ every day of the week. I have to choose God’s Will every day. With all the distractions in this world & in my own mind … that’s tough. I figure that when satan’s minions are smacking us the hardest, it must mean that we are getting closer to winning a victory for the Lord. That gets the adrenaline pumping. It gives me a deep-down determination to push harder. I can’t let ‘stuff’ distract me … we are too close.

Whenever we come to mind … a fleeting thought … whisper a little prayer for us. God has given us a work to do, and the devil is throwing everything in the book at us right now. That encourages me. We must be on the right track. There’s a victory right around the corner if we can just stay focused and not surrender to distractions.

Right now, I hear footsteps upstairs so that means it’s time to move on to the ‘doing’ part of the day. Before I close, I want to thank everyone who have been praying for and encouraging us. You will never truly know how much you help us stay on track. I pray for you as well. Soon, very soon, we will be praising God together in His presence! Until then …

Have a great day & may the Lord bless you.


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Good morning Lee Ann, I hadn't visited your blog in a while but had time to look at some of my bookmarked Christian blogs this morning and so glad I did...reading back through your last few weeks of posts, I found myself relating to each one you wrote ;) You were a blessing to me today, and I wanted to let you know. I'll pray for you and your family as I go about my day today!

Lee Ann said...

Good morning Cary! I always love to have you stop by - you are such an encouragement to me! I get inspired when I see all the neat things you are doing up at your place. I love the sheep ... more pictures please! ;)

The spiritual battles are raging here. Thank you for your prayers! The closer we get to reaching folks for the Lord, the more intense the battles. I hope to be talking about this soon. Right now, we're just learning to be stronger prayer warriors. Isn't it exciting to see God move!?!

Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine, and may the Lord bless you!

Anonymous said...

I love what you had to say and find it very real. When I was going through a similar time I was given a book called "The Battlefield of the Mind" and it helps a lot to this day.
It leads me to scripture and encourages prayer, etc. Anyway thank you and God Bless You. Will add you and your family to our prayer list.

Lee Ann said...

Thank you for your kind words and your prayers. They are much appreciated.

May the Lord bless you!