Let It Snow

My honey just left for work. It's 3:30AM and the snow has stopped coming down. This last little storm dropped around 4 inches, give or take, and it's time to plow the driveways. Around here, snowplowing is just part of the property maintenance business in the winter. He has about 40 or so driveways, and it takes him about 12 hours to plow all of them in a little storm like this one. It's taken me years to get used to all the snow here. I still don't like it ... but it helps pay the bills. So, to console myself, I wander down to the mud room where I have recently seeded some herbs & flowers. It perks me up to stand next to the trays of tiny seedlings and plan for the spring ahead. In some ways I feel like I'm planting 'hope'. Hope for a deck full of beautiful flowers & herbs, and wonderful treats from the kitchen when the herbs are harvested and used. A good season will provide us with about two years of dried herbs. Fresh is better, but even dried, they have much more flavor than the ones I used to spend of fortune for in the grocery store. So, let it snow. I'll be in the mud room impatiently waiting with my tiny plants for warm weather & sunshine.
May the Lord bless you.

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