Such is life

It's been a while since my last post. These past few days have been a bit rough. I've been debating on whether to write tonight or wait until tomorrow in hopes that everything will be better. In putting myself "out there", I had all hopes in portraying myself as a woman who has it all together physically, mentally, & spiritually. But in all honesty, I'm just a woman facing my own trials & battles just like everyone else.
I have a neurological illness that the doctors can't seem to diagnose. It's been going on for about six years. Pain & fatigue seem to be the worst of the symptoms & it's a battle every day. The battles are no better or worse than other folks face. I don't want to make "Mountain Home" about my illness. It's not. My illness is just a fact of life that I deal with every day ... it's not who I am & it's not my life. The recent strong cold snap we've had has really thrown me for a loop. I've tried to spend as much time as I could painting. As a student of folk art, I have become determined to learn how to create the art I enjoy so much. This is my first canvas work and in the beginning, it was very intimidating to sit in front of the easel. Although it didn't take long to become so involved in the fun that the rest of the world was a mere blur to me. I don't know if the efforts are any good or not ... but I'm having a ball. (That's the beautiful thing about folk art ... the simplier it is - the better it is.)
With the help of my family, I'm learning how to fight this illness. They have taught me to list my goals each day in priority. I then reach as high as I physically/mentally can on the list and acomplish what I can. With that as my objective each day, there is little guilt over what I can't do. Some days I win the battle, some days the illness does ... but I know for an absolute fact that when it's all said & done ... the Lord will win the war.

May the Lord bless you.

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