Self Employment

I see & hear advertisements all the time about becoming self-employed and how you have all this free time to rake in the money while you lay by the pool. Maybe someone knows something I don't. The REAL truth about being self-employed is that it's like having an infant child with no baby sitter. The business dictates everything about your life for the first several years & it eats all available money that you would have spent on the little luxuries such as a family car that runs, a stove with more than two working burners, etc.
My husband & I have been self-employed for several years now. We haven't made it past the infant years yet, which means that he has to spend a lot of time on the tasks that we wish he could hire out ... such as taxes. We hire someone to actually prepare our tax forms, but the gathering of information is a nightmare for two people who don't have a bookkeeper's mentality. To be fair & honest, he as been double-checking all the tax laws that apply to our business to make sure he doesn't overlook anything. Earlier today he had a half-crazed look in his eyes as he tried to explain to me the various ins & outs that he discovered. I sat him in front of the TV with the kids, a couple of frozen pizzas, & told him to stay as long as he wanted. I was then tempted to go hide the computer mouse until he came to his senses. Why does it all have to be so difficult to be honest? It would be so easy for him to just not tell the government about the work that he does & go on with life.
Jesus said to "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." ~Mark 12:17
I guess that's why my wonderful husband takes such care to "do it right". And that attitude is the reason that God continues to bless his efforts in business. Being self-employed is tough, but I like us working together as a team. We drive each other crazy sometimes, but we continue to become more united through the trials & the blessings. By the way, if I see another self-employment commercial before tax season is over ... you just may see our TV flying out our back door.
May the Lord bless you.

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