Sunday at the cabin

Today was a beautiful day! It warmed up to a balmy 35 degrees. The sun was so warm on the deck. I wandered outside frequently just to enjoy the sunshine & enjoy God's day.
Everyone woke up frustrated with the cares of the previous week on our minds. But after our family church service, a few necessary chores & a late breakfast we all scattered to our chosen areas to relax. Our daughter is an avid reader and curled up in her room for some much coveted book time. Our son's recreation of choice is currently movies and he was able to put the work week behind him with Ant Bully and calls to his sweety. My mountain man made a bee-line to his shop to spend the afternoon with his music. He is making such wonderful progress as he learns to play! It's fun to slip out to the shop for brief moments to listen to him practice. And I grabbed my sketch pad & paints to capture an image that has been forming in my head the past few days. With praise songs in my headphones,it seemed that the stress just flowed away as the day progressed. Praise God for Sundays!

May the Lord bless you as you enjoy His day.

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