With spring comes change. Despite the foot of snow still on the ground, spring has finally arrived. We are all breathing a sigh of relief that another winter is behind us and before long we will be seeing green. When I see my first red-headed woodpecker of the season, I KNOW that winter is over. My beautiful little woodpecker was out today hammering on the birch tree with gusto ... PRAISE GOD!
We passed another milestone this week. Our sweet daughter turned 17. Our families combined when my little Meja was only 9 years old. Now, I'm amazed at what an awesome young woman she has become. We spent her birthday in town mostly window shopping and acting a little crazy. She and I have so much fun when we get out together. First, we converge on the bookstore, (one of our favorite places!) and in looking through the various books discovered an enormous amount of books on the homosexual lifestyle. Oh my goodness! She and I were amazed at the amount of books written for women about this. We just don't understand the whole concept of women living in this manner. That's not the way God designed us to behave and to have it put in our faces in that way really put a damper on the jolly mood we were in. So ... unwilling to loose the fun ... we headed to other more wholesome stores. The task of shopping doesn't do much for either one of us ... but being together just hanging out makes even the dullest of events fun. We have a lot of the same interests and get tickled over the silliest things. She is my joy and my best friend. May the Lord bless you my dear Meja ... Happy Birthday!
The next day, my youngest son packed his meager possessions in his van and headed back home to North Carolina. He was only staying with us for a season, and the Lord opened the path for him to go back down South to start his new life. We miss his laughter. The house is a lot quieter these days. But, we are all excited for him. It's a new chapter in his life and I am so excited to see what the Lord and Matt are going to write in it. The Bible says that our children are arrows in a father's quiver. We train them and when we send them out we hope that they fly true. Without a doubt, I know that Matt's arrow will fly true and that he will do great things for the Lord in his new home. We love you honey. May the Lord bless you in your work for Him.
Normally I would have thought that the events of this past week would have been depressing, but to my surprise, I feel such excitement! God is good and we are going to see such amazing things in the days, months, and years to come. Enjoy your children while they are young & rejoice with them when they make steps toward freedom. Encourage them to serve God with their wonderful & unique gifts. I promise that the blessings will be endless.
May the Lord bless you.

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