Just some thoughts while I watch the snow melt ...

It has been a week of frustration & of joy. I haven't been able to update like I wanted because we have the unfortunate luck of being unable to use DSL here at the cabin. Apparently the networking doesn't run this far up the mountain, and thus our only source of internet is to rely on dial-up through the phone company. Due to years of neglect, the phone lines in our area are seriously outdated and the system is shot. Because if this, internet usage is limited and sporadic at best. So please bear with me for awhile longer until the system gets overhauled. That's the frustrating part. Now for the joy ... We have celebrated a whole slew of birthdays lately. My Mejia turned 17, my two sons both had birthdays on the 28th of March and turned 26 & 24 respectively. (Happy Birthday Eric! Happy Birthday Matthew!) Not being able to be with them on that day left me with the 'motherly task' of walking down memory lane that whole day. God is good. He has blessed me with all of these wonderful children ... and amazingly enough, they all lived to adulthood without me killing them.

I looked back on the few 'atta-girl moments and smiled with pride. And I visited some of my regrets, still wondering how I could have done things differently. My biggest regret comes from not having the ability to homeschool the boys and spend more time with them as they grew up. And as my children grew and in my earlier career days, I have had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the public school system. All I can say is, "God be with our children".
I continue to see more and more evidence across our country showing that our public education system is broken and there is little hope of it being "fixed" without stripping it completely down and rebuilding. There continues to be more and more reports of teachers (women & men) having sex, molesting, and acting inappropriately with children of all ages. A growing number of schools across the country have promoted homosexuality as a lifestyle, encouraged abortions without parental consent, and absolutely slamming the door on God by banning students from not only wearing Christian t-shirts, but from sharing Jesus with other students as well. I found a news article a little while ago that I want to share with you.

Granted, schools in some towns & states are a bit more 'Christian friendly' but even in the little town where I grew up ... the growing trend there is to slide God out. I realize that homeschooling isn't the answer for everyone. Private schools are extremely expensive and for the most part too exclusive. But, whether or not we have children or grandchildren in the public schools ... we need to not only be praying for our local schools, the administrators & teachers, and the children who attend but we need to be praying for the turn around in our homes. The reason God has been evicted from our schools is because we as a community never came to His defense and demanded God's place in the education of our children.

May the Lord bless you.