Catching up

These past few months have been a bit overwhelming with all the changes and events. I didn't realize how long it has been since my last post. I've written a hundred articles in my head these past few months ... I just didn't get them down on paper.

In catching up ...

The winter was probably one of the worst since honey became self-employed. We had record snow & cold. We hoped it would be the thing to put us over the top. Instead, between all the equipment break-downs and the rising cost of living, we barely scrapped by. With what little we had left after the season, we thought we could limp into the summer season and regroup. The IRS took it. Apparently, self-employed small businessmen have become the main contributors to the Federal Government. May rolls around and there was no way we could hope to continue. So, honey found a job with a local trucking company. In alot of ways, we don't really miss self-employment. His hours are long and start awful early in the morning, but he doesn't have to spend his nights and weekends repairing equipment and calling customers. I don't miss the constant phone calls and billing headaches. Getting up at 4:00 am has become easier than I thought. Here in the Northeast, the morning light starts between 4:30 and 5:00as a rule and what a wonderful way to greet the Lord each day!

Other changes ~ Meja turned 18 this Spring and has decided to test her wings. She moved in with her sister and her family. Ah, to be young and "independent" for the first time. We miss the fun times we all had, but she's enjoying herself and we've adapted to the "empty nest" pretty well. (actually, we act like a couple of old folks - watching the morning come to life on the deck with our coffee ~ then barely able to hold our eyes open until our 8:30 bedtime.)

Now that Summer is here, our days are busier than ever. The gardens are in and struggling along. We've had a really cold Spring and Summer this year. We still wear sweet shirts in the morning, and by afternoon it's time for A/C. Unfortunately, the garden plants are as confused as I am. (On the 4th of July, I was wearing my winter jacket until noon.) We have about 7 more weeks of growing season before it gets "cold"(?). The life of a gardener. It makes me wonder why I want so bad to own a farm.

Times up for today. But, thanks for checking back with me. Your devotion is very much appreciated.

May the Lord bless you.

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