Fall is here in every way imaginable. The trees are all turning and the 'leaf peepers' are flocking to the roads in droves. There are so many pretty places here for tourist to visit and take pictures. I have been a tourist here for eight years now. I just have the distinct advantage ~ I have a tour guide that knows all the out of the way places that regular tourists probably won't ever find. The farm here can be seen driving up the interstate. It's a beautiful farm year 'round, and I never get tired of driving by and trying to imagine the kind of folks who live and work here. The gate on the other hand is so remote that I probably couldn't find it again if I tried. While standing at that gate my curiosity was going crazy. What's behind that gate up in the forest beyond? Why is there a need for a gate in this particular spot? I wanted so bad to go beyond that gate to see what was on the other side. I guess places like this bring out the childish adventurer in me. When I was a kid on our farm in Tennessee, I would wander the woods. There was so much to explore. I loved the textures, colors, and smells of nature. I loved fall! I guess I never really outgrew the curious little girl who had to see what was behind that next bush or clump of trees. My tour guide wouldn't allow me to venture past the gate. He knows my curiosity will probably get me in trouble eventually. But, my wonderful Mountain Man has shown me places that I couldn't even imagine as a child.

I have to hang on to that childish wonder now. Because fall has come to represent the fast advancing of the bitter cold winter. When the leaves start turning, my stomach twists up because I know that it's only a matter of days before the awful cold sets in. It's like I can't enjoy today without dreading tomorrow. I have to resolve each day to look at the wonder of God's creation and hold fast to the knowledge that I need to appreciate God's blessings today and leave tomorrow to Him. He'll be here tomorrow to get me through that day too. To better help me stay focused, I'll be showing you New England in the fall from a "local's perspective".

May the Lord bless you.

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