Recent Challenges

The past few days have been real challenging here at the cabin. Honey is into his second week with the flu, his dad and son-in-law have chosen now to re roof the cabin, and it's raining.

First things first. Apparently there's a really ugly strand of flu going around up here that doesn't seem to go away. It doesn't quite go into a full blown case, but just keeps dragging. Honey's had it for almost two weeks, and if he doesn't get well soon, one of us may not survive it. He's continued to work through it, bless his heart; but after two weeks, it tends to make a person grumpy.

Honey's Dad & son-in-law have decided that now is the time to put another roof on the cabin. It's been needing it for some time now. A few years ago, the already leaky roof had gotten worse, and like most 'old Vermonters' if you can't get to something quickly, you put a tarp on it. When the first tarp started leaking a year or so later, it was still a bad time to deal with it ~ so we added a second tarp. Now that schedules have cleared, it's time to re roof the house. The plan was to just push back the first couple of tarps, work on the roof, and if the job doesn't get completed or if it rains ... pull the tarp back down and come back to it later. The plan really did seem like it would work. Last Saturday the men came up and started tearing off the old roof. When the day was over, they tacked the tarps back down and would be back sometime this week. Saturday night it started raining - Hard. Water was running down the inside walls, we had pans in strategic locations in the kitchen & living room, and plastic over everything that couldn't be moved. I don't know for sure how much rain we got outside, but I caught about an inch in my living room. So, we now have a third tarp holding things together and when this front finally pushes through, they will be back to work. This rain pushed in today and by the sound of the forecasts, will leave us with about an inch of snow by tomorrow night. 'Tis the season. This ought to make the roofing job alot more interesting. All this craziness isn't as much fun as landing in wet cat litter, but close.

Keep us in your prayers, and have a blessed (and dry) day.

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