I had a conversation of sorts with a friend. It all got around to how talking about God & talking about regular stuff just seems to get all wrapped up and can't seem to be separated. In my thinking, there really isn't a way to separate God from the rest of my life. I'm not some super spiritual person. I don't sit on a mountain top like some guru and commune with God all day. Let me explain a couple of things:

God promises in His Word that when we accept Jesus as our Savior and become Christians, He will never leave us or forsake us. He tells us in His Word that just like with Adam, He wants to have a close personal relationship with us. I just simply take Him at His Word. I want what Adam had ... I want to walk & talk with my Creator in the cool of the day. God is not a bully. He doesn't impose Himself on us. We have to want Him close by. We have to want that relationship with Him. When I got to the point in my life where I knew I couldn't make it without Him, I decided that I WANT Him near me every day. It seems like just yesterday when I reached bottom and cried out to Jesus to be my Lord and not just my Savior. Remembering back, I had to make it a point to seek Him each day. I had to make the effort to pray each day. In time, it became as natural to me as breathing. In reaching out to Him, a relationship developed. Now He's every bit as real to me as my Honey.

When I'm asked, "What type of prayer do you use? How do you pray?" I'm a simple woman. I really don't understand those fancy prayers some religious folks use. With all the respect in my heart, I just talk to God like I talk to everyone else around me. As I go about my day, I talk to Him about the wonderful things I see, the things that are troubling my heart, and the crazy people in traffic around me. (Let me tell you, we need to be praying for those folks in the cars around us. If they don't know the Lord, they need to slow down and be more careful.) My thinking is, no relationship will grow unless there's communication. The talking part comes easy to me; and some days there's no end to His patience as I chatter on & on. But, I had to learn to listen too. That was my challenge. I get distracted so easily that I had to turn off the tv, the radio, and sometimes the phone and be quiet. Silence seems to unnerve people. It did me at first. Then when I got my surroundings quiet, I had to learn to quiet my spirit. That meant stopping my brain and my ever rambling thoughts and listen. God talks in a still, small voice.

When I talk with friends, family, etc., they often confide in me events when they really wanted to tell someone about the Lord and didn't know how. Do you remember back when you first fell in love? Do you remember how that love filled you so much that it just spilled over into everything you thought and said? Didn’t you want to introduce the new ‘love of you life’ to everyone? When you are in love with the Lord to that degree, there will be no way to have a conversation that you don’t talk about Him to just about everyone you see. The Bible talks about Jesus as the Bridegroom and the church (Christians) as His bride. That talks of a love relationship.

My youngest son just go married this past weekend; and let me tell you, ever since he met his beautiful bride-to-be he would go on & on about her. As the wedding date approached, that filled his conversations more and more. We as Christians are the soon-to-be bride of Christ. The Bible promises that one day He will be coming for us very soon. Are you in love with the Lord? Don’t you just want to tell everyone? Will people think your crazy? Yeah, some will. But, as I grow older I’ve found that other folks are going to talk about somebody ~ it may as well be me.

Oh by the way, Northern Farmer has been focusing in on his calling from the Lord. He’s consolidated all his blogs and has established Christian Farm and Ranchman to go hand-in-hand with the ministry that God is moving him toward. Ya’ll stop by and visit. Let’s encourage our brother in the Lord as he continues to serve the God in such a neat way.

Have a great day & may the Lord bless you.

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