Layoff and being prepared

What a beautiful day here at the cabin. The sky is a little overcast, but the warm weather is so very welcome. There’s a load of laundry on the line, cookie dough in the refrigerator waiting to be sliced and baked, and a chicken on the stove that will hopefully be my next canning experiment. Oh and did I mention that Honey went back to work today?!

Layoffs are always a little scary. We knew that his layoff was supposed to only be for the winter; but with the economy continuing the ugly downturn, it didn’t look like the construction materials that his company hauls were going to continue to be in demand. Throughout the winter when the question of returning to work would come up, we had to remind ourselves that God is in control. If this door closes, we know that God will open a new one. He has shown us time & again that He won’t leave us to flounder or sink.

As Honey drove away this morning, I couldn’t help but think about all those folks who have been laid off over the past few months that are facing such bleak days competing with a mass of other people for the too few jobs available. I couldn’t imagine going through that situation without the Lord. Let’s keep those folks in our prayers.

I was reading this morning that folks out in Kansas are stripping the grocery stores bare in anticipation of hard times to come. The article said that more and more people are planting what they are calling “crisis gardens”. I suspect they have a good idea. The only thing that concerns me is that so many folks are doing all of this out of fear. Fear is understandable. I used to be afraid of so many things. It’s a horrible way to exist everyday. I want so much to go to each of them, put my arm around them, and tell them that if they would just turn to God, He will ease their fears and help them through these times to come. He can give them peace as well as guide through the days ahead. A few weeks ago I shared with you a word from David Wilkerson. I think planning ahead for what’s to come is necessary ~ but not out of fear. God’s Word gives us numerous promises of protection and peace. When I catch myself getting anxious, I reach for my Bible. My focus right now isn’t just to prepare us for the times ahead, but to have enough for others in our area that will be blind-sided because they have put their hope in other things.

We hear talk these days that with the swine flu running rampant down in Mexico they had to shut down their businesses and public events to help curtail the spread of the illness. What would happen if our stores were to shut their doors for just two weeks? Most people around here shop only for two or maybe three days at a time. There would be a lot of really anxious folks. Despite the enormous wealth in our area, money would do them no good if the stores refused to open. For the more humble folks down the road, the idea of not having food for themselves or their children would cause people to become desperate. How about you? Could you survive a month if the grocery stores were to close? If so, could you stock up just a little bit more to help your neighbor through hard times? My prayer is that nothing like that will ever occur; but if it does, I want to be prepared. In my thinking, it's all about sharing the love of God with those around me.

Have a great day and may the Lord bless you.


William Cross said...

Glad to hear of the return to work finally. Just have to always remember that God does indeed take care of us all, and never allows anything that we can not handle to happen.

Lee Ann said...

William, welcome to Mountain Home. Yes, God truly does take care of us all. He has shown us in so many ways that there's not a care (big or small) that He's not personally concerned with. Isn't it amazing that the Creator of this vast universe wants to spend time with each of us, and wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives? It's a very humbling thing.
Honey is really glad to be back to work; and with this current economy, a job is a blessing to hang on to.

Have a wonderful day, and may the Lord bless you.