Trip Canceled

It's been a bit crazy here at the cabin lately. We were hoping to go to my youngest son's wedding in North Carolina this weekend. Preparations had been made & the last detail was being checked out. We were going to drive down with our daughter in her car, but yesterday morning when she took her car in to be checked & blessed by her mechanic, he found problems. There was no way her car would be able to make the trip & the mechanic couldn't even begin repairs until it was too late to leave. This is really a heartbreaker; but there was nothing that could be done at this point.

As a Mama with grown kids scattered across the country, sometimes I have to accept the fact that I can't always be there. But they all know that my love & my prayers are there with them through the good times and bad. Matt & Christina love the Lord and have sought to follow Him in marriage. I couldn't be prouder of my son for giving me another beautiful daughter. Our love & blessings go out to these wonderful young people.

My coffee cup is empty again and it's time to get the day going. Have a wonderful day & may the Lord bless you.

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