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There is a deep chill in the meadow this morning. The signs of winter being right around the corner are everywhere here. But inside the cabin, everything is toasty warm. To Honey, I am so grateful. His first and last concern each day is to make sure that I’m comfortable. Thank you my Dear.

I was browsing through my favorites list this morning and found something I wanted to show you. The blog written by Northcountryfarmer had some really good posts today. As I scrolled down the page, a particular article caught my attention. Farmers, you’ve got to see the picture that goes with the post! You can find it under “Dairymen March on EU”. The article is pretty good, but the picture is worth a thousand words!

Is it right to protest against the government? I’ve heard this discussed and debated among folks. This seems to be a particularly difficult subject for Christians. I’ve heard folks quote Scriptures for the pro and the con. What do you think? After a lot of thought and prayer, I’ve come to some conclusions. I can’t and won’t attribute these conclusions to God’s direction. These thoughts are completely mine. But, after listening to the debates, I figured that this is as good a time as any for me to enter into the mix.

Should Christians speak out against the government? I don’t believe that being a Christian means that we are to be doormats. I personally feel that if the government and its laws go against the Laws of God, we should speak up.

There are different groups of Christians around the country:

Some are under the belief that in protesting we can turn our own country back around.
This isn’t the 1960’s. Civil rights protests and peaceful rebellion isn’t going to work. Unfortunately, what we have right now will more than likely be the best we are ever going to have. My reasoning – the Bible. The world at large knows that civilization as we know it is about to change forever. And I’ve mentioned time and again that the seasons are changing. If there’s a question, read Matthew chapter 24. There’s a checklist in there that tells us that when these things come to pass … the end is near. The events of Revelation and the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets can’t occur if one nation holds out as a strong Christian force. And look around, our leaders are voted into office (by Christians as well as any) based on selfish desire, (particularly the pocketbook). Should we quit fighting for what’s right? I don’t believe so. We should stand up and tell folks, especially our leaders, what God’s Word says. I’ve been known to say again and again “I won’t go quietly into the night.” The only time I’ll stop telling folks that sin is wrong will be when the Lord calls me home. I don’t expect my shouting from the rooftops will change the course of this country … but just maybe it will change the thinking and the heart of just one person.

Some folks are under the belief that our leaders will turn back to God if given enough time. I have to choose my words carefully here. All I can say is, ‘God bless you dear sweet Saint!’ You are right about one thing; we need to keep praying for our leaders. My prayer has been “God please change their hearts, but if their hearts won’t change … please stop them in their efforts!” I read a book by a well-known Christian leader recently. He spent better than 150 of the 300 pages trying to convince the readers that if we shared our wealth with love and compassion, then we can turn this world back into the ‘Eden’ that God had originally designed. But then he quoted Jimmy Carter, Gandhi, and Bono more than he quoted God.

And there are those who feel that we need to just duck our heads and stay low. In this group the thinking is pretty diverse. Some want to just hide and wait for the Lord to come rescue His Saints, leaving the rest of the world to fend for themselves. Others feel that the time for words is over and that we need to just be ready to reach out to others with the love of God when the world starts falling totally apart. I don’t think God called us to be cowards and hide, with the only objective being our own selves. But the last group just may have the best point of all.

The Bible describes the last days for us. These things can’t occur if America continues to be a Christian Superpower. And no, the entire population of America won’t suddenly disappear in the rapture. Obama is right about one thing, this isn’t a Christian nation anymore. I suspect that the rapture won’t disrupt much of the world’s population. Hiding to save our own skin is just plain wrong! I won’t even go there. But my personal thinking is, while we still have the ‘right’ to speak out against the wrongs … we need to. But sadly that day will soon end, and then it’ll be time to help other’s through the fall-out. God is moving in a mighty way. He’s drawing His children closer to Him. More and more Christians are getting hungry for God’s Word! More and more Christians are feeling the urgency to prepare for the times that are coming. And God is preparing a mighty army of ministers that will help those in physical and spiritual need during the turbulent times ahead.

Folks, where do you stand in all this? God has a job for each of His saints. Each of us will be called on to minister to others. Are you getting ready? Are you seeking Him for guidance and direction, or are you simply denying the reality of what’s ahead?

May the Lord bless you as you seek to serve Him.

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