Prayer Request

The rain has stopped and a cold wind is sweeping through the meadow. My mood right now could best be described as pensive. A lot of thoughts are going through my head today; and at present, I really can't elaborate on them. Maybe in time.

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I told you about my brother-in-law Alan? He had surgery for a brain tumor. The doctors told him that the tumor was cancerous and that it was one of the more aggressive types. Alan went through the chemo treatments without too much difficulty, but in a recent MRI they found what might be another tumor. He goes in tomorrow morning for yet another surgery. This time the doctors will be performing some kind of procedure where they will insert something in the affected area that is supposed to kill of the blood cells to the tumor. To my understanding, this is experimental. I have very strong thoughts about people being used as lab rats, but I have come to the conclusion that whatever they do or don’t do – God is in control. It is very easy to speculate about people, circumstances, and establishments. My own human nature is quick to judge. God has been working with me on this less than desirable quality. I haven’t got a good handle on it yet; but I’m still trying. I do want to ask you all to say a prayer for Alan and my dear sister-in-law Cheryl. She has carried many heavy burdens in the past, but this is the heaviest so far.

Yesterday we held a special family prayer meeting. Without a doubt it was inspired by God; and with only one exception, everyone showed up. Honey’s folks live in a little one-bedroom house, so squeezing everyone in was a challenge unto itself. Fortunately everyone filtered in, so lunch was served in shifts. Then we gathered in the kitchen for communion. That was such a heartwarming event. Let me tell you, when the Saints gather to seek the Lord … there’s nothing sweeter. Those that came with the full intention of meeting God there weren’t disappointed.

Why is this such an odd occurrence? Why don’t families gather like this on a regular basis and hold each other up in prayer anymore? The first line of defense is prayer. So much of the time, the only line of defense is prayer! Why do we have to wait until our backs are against the wall? God isn’t a big meanie, waiting to snap at us for bothering Him. He loves us and wants us to talk with Him all the time … about everything on our minds.

Meja came by while I was writing and just now left. It’s late, so I’ll have to close for now. But please remember this family in your prayers and I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with an update.

Have a good night, and may the Lord bless you.

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