Veteran's Day 2009

Today is Veteran's Day. In light of the recent terrorist act at Ft. Hood, I think we need to raise up our Service men and women in special prayer. Not only do they have to face the enemies of our country overseas, but they also are being attacked behind the lines at their bases and their homes. They have dedicated their lives for our safety and freedom. Their families have unselfishly shared their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, daddys and mamas with us. Please take some time today and pray for them and their families. Pray also for the ones who have lost so much for us.

Dear Lord, thank you for those, both young and old, who have stood diligent to protect and serve a nation of people who are so undeserving. Bless them and their families. Guide them in the path that is right in Your eyes and give them comfort through the dark days, both present and ahead. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

May the Lord watch over our brave guardians of freedom, and may He bless you too.

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